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Mr. Sushil Patil

Founder / CEO | ``Factory Rates International Pvt Ltd``

Chairman Message

Factory Rates International  Are Born To Help People To Save There Hard Money.  We Do Social Service Not A Business.

We as Factory Rates of Company, are expanding and developing our Business in all our fields and perform our growth targets by operating our companies in a competitive way.
Inspite the difficult conditions in the international markets of high competition and continuous unstable political and economical conditions, we are achieving to continue our growth targets.
We Work In Four different sectors, namely, Grocery & FMCG, Bakery, Building Material ,Cosmetic Factory Rates working very hard with exclusive brands, own brands and investments to satisfy our customers successfully.
As Factory Rates of Company, we are proud and happy to declare our motivation in this success and I am thankful to our employees, Business partners, customers, dealers which are constantly making great effort to our success over the years.

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