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  • Masala Gur With Organic Jaggery Pack of 2

    This is a traditional Indian chai masala with gur, made especially for your tea. It is made by blending organic jaggery (gur/ panela) in fresh spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves, star anise, black pepper, cardamom & nutmeg. The spices are sun-dried and then hand-milled on a stone mill, at room temperature so that the natural antioxidants and oleoresins are retained. Adding a spoonful of this to hot water or milk, or your tea readies your health drink in a jiffy!

    Ideal for those who prefer flavor & health together. Enjoy in your cup of `Kadak’ Cutting Chai today!
  • Organic Desi Khand (Sulphurless) X5pc

    This is certified organic sugar made from organic sugar cane and processed organically. It’s delicious, naturally white crystals have an old-fashioned sugarcane taste. Organic cane sugar does not have any cancer-causing or environmentally damaging pesticides, which may be otherwise present in conventionally grown sugarcane. Use it anywhere you’d use table sugar. It is a lifestyle product- great for cooking, baking, and sweetening your coffee or tea

  • Jaggery – COVID Safe Vacuum-Packed Gur X6

    Each pack MRP 99/- on 1000g – pack of 6pc

    Jaggery (COVID-safe Vacuum-pack Gur) -Pack of 6pc

    New Covid-safe Vacuum packing. Nutrient-rich unrefined, wholesome, non-centrifugal traditional sugar obtained from naturally clarified, concentrated sugarcane juice, Dhampur Green brings India’s first and only vacuum-packed jaggery, made without using any chemical fertilizers/ clarificants or pesticides. Vacuum-packing gives extended shelf life, reduced product loss, offers sealed barrier from external elements, and seals in natural flavours. Rich in inherent trace minerals and vitamin of sugarcane juice, it is sulphurless, and made in an FSSAI compliant production facility. A quintessential ingredient for making most of the Indian festive sweets, Dhampur Green Jaggery is easy to handle, mess-free, and available year-round! Enjoy Jaggery from the house of Dhampur Green: the home of Gur and all speciality sugars! Store in refrigeration if outside temperature is above 25 deg C; keep in cool dry place.

     Key Features:

    • India’s first Vacuum-packed Jaggery with extended shelf life, reduced product loss, having sealed barrier from external elements, and with natural flavours sealed in the vacuum pack.
    • Sulphurless, made from fully matured sun-ripened sugarcane for rich flavour, Chemical-free, GMO-free, fat-free, preservative-free
    • Add in your cooking to make gur mithais, sweets, sherbets, snacks, brittles, payasam, and more with it or enjoy on your parantha, toast, oatmeal, cereal, tea, coffee, or just have a bite after meals.
    • Net weight – 1000grams, Vacuum packed pure and natural Jaggery; golden brown to dark brown in colour, (similar to the Latin-American panela); store in refrigeration.
    • Gur/ Gud/ Jaggery is known to have number of health benefits e.g. it prevents constipation by aiding digestion;  acts as a detox by helping cleanse the liver by flushing out nasty toxins from the body; is loaded with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium that help prevent free-radicals (responsible for early ageing), and many more.
  • Organic Jaggery Pwd – 800gx2

    This desi gur shakkar, certified organic, non-crystalline concentrated sugarcane juice with natural brown color and a rich liquorice – like flavor. Dhampur Green has complete farm to folk traceability. Jaggery Powder, certified organic, is processed with at most care without any chemicals/ fertilizers/ clarificants or pesticides. Brown colour and soft texture is derived from evaporation of sugarcane juice resulting in yellow to dark brown shakkar. Because of simple processing jaggery powder retains minerals, Micronutrients and vitamins, so recommended for centuries as sweetener for healthy living.

    Jaggery is a quintessential ingredient for making most of the Indian festive sweets. But since jaggery (gur) was available only in winter time, but the demand was year-round, we had to find a way to keep our customers happy! Hence, we came up with a solution for all our patrons- in form of Jaggery Powder. Jaggery Powder is available year-round, is easy to handle, mess-free, and finds an easy way to slip into all traditional recipes!

    Jaggery purifies blood, has minerals, aids in digestive processes, is loaded with iron, improves nervous system, is rich in Iron, for beauty regimens, improves metabolism, hormonal balance etc.

    Sold By: Dhampur Green

    Organic Jaggery Pwd – 800gx2


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