Terms & Conditions

Our Contract

(Applicants need to comply with the requirements of the registration process. The information/ documents furnished will be treated in strict confidence.) Instructions for filling the Registration Form.

  • All columns in the Registration Form are to be duly filled up. Indicate, “NIL‟/ Not” Applicable‟, wherever details are not available or not relevant respectively. All sheets of the Registration Form are to be signed & stamped
  • Expeditious furnishing of any clarification/ information required during registration to be ensured, failure of which may affect the registration process ,certificates/ Test certificates or any other required document can be sent for verification to the concerned issuing authority. Registration will be liable to be cancelled if any document is found to be fake/ false/ forged on verification. Submission of fake/ false/ forged documents will invite action by Factory Rates.
  • Just submission of supplier registration form does not mean automatic registration. Registration shall be done, after due evaluation and will be intimated accordingly.
  • Organizational soundness, Financial status and Technical Competency of the Vendors shall be evaluated for short listing them as a Registered Vendor.
  • All columns to be filled in by the Company and submitted along with all necessary documents/ credentials/ copies of the certificates etc. as detailed in Annexure-II. Any other relevant information in support of registration may be volunteered by the applicant. All pages may be signed in ink with stamp by the authorized representative of the company in that behalf with the every declaration that document/ information furnished is true and valid for the duration of the registration and in case there are any changes/ variation, the same shall be immediately brought to the notice of Factory Rates.

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